Training for a change!

“Improve both efficiency and effectiveness of your biggest and most valuable resource….your people. We understand that as your employees develop, they become more valuable for your organisation, and that makes a real contribution to the bottom line.”

Enma Popli, Founder.


SkillSmart Training is a Boutique Training Organisation set up in 2006. Over the past 12 years SkillSmart Training has worked with a wide range of clients across industries.

SkillSmart Training specialises in working with employees of its client organisations across the management hierarchy, to translate its Client’s expectations into reality, by engaging employees on every aspect of soft skills from Grooming & Etiquette, Communication, Interpersonal skills to Team building, cultural sensitivity and executive coaching. At SkillSmart Training, we create energizing and innovative training programs. Our programs are fun, this ensures that what you learn will stays with you and benefit your organisation, long after the completion of our program.



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  • During the last three months, Enma has accepted to be my coach.  Enma brilliantly supported me during a transition phase. She helped me to identify my goals, to understand the real possibilities that were opening up, and to take action to capitalize on them. Her empathy and ability to scratch beneath the surface really made a difference to guide me toward the clarity I needed. She is an amazing coach!
    Marco Valerio
  • "Enma has a very calming aura which helped me to feel at ease during our coaching sessions and, at the same time, she talks with passion and energy which transfers to the client. Her attentiveness and intuitiveness to subtle signs and her willingness to understand are what helps to make her a very good listener and coach"
  •  "I had contacted Enma for 4 coaching sessions in November 2017. Enma is very professional and helped me gain insights during the coaching sessions. The coaching was fruitful for me as I could get a concrete result from each session. Good luck to Enma in her coaching endeavours"

    Sahana Ravindranath
  • "Having Enma as my coach has been a wonderful and enriching experience. With her empathy, listening skills  and ability to ask creative open ended questions Enma in a short time got me to realize the core issues and assisted me thereafter in finding solutions.

    Enma can be highly recommended as a coach. I feel confident that anybody working with her will feel her professionalism and inspiring personality."

    Eva Schwarz
  • I have worked with Enma and her work is extremely professional. The cross culture content formulated by her was one of the classics and is extremely detailed.
    Dhananjayan Narasimhan
    Readiness Manager, Microsoft
  • It was a blessing to have had Enma as my mentor in my formative years as an HR professional. Her detail oriented & well identified policies & training sessions helped us achieve great results within RHSPL. As a research guide too, her timely advice and guidance helped me get an A+ in my project. Great going Enma... Keep it up!
    Manager , HR & Admin
    Radiant Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • Enma is an extremely dedicated professional with a passion for training . With her wit,charm and her interesting basket of activities and real life experiences,she infuses energy into her sessions and is able to draw out the learning capabilities amongst the students.
    Rajni Anand
    Faculty, IBS Business School
  • Enma is very sincere and work focused person, she is a thorough professional with the exact blend of needed expertise with emotions. Even though last moment invitation , she delivered the best workshops for our company by understanding the exact needs and requirements . In one sentence I can describe Enma as one of the best trainers with lot of patience and knowledge about her job . I wish her all the best and keep doing a great job.
    Ketaki Mistri
    Officer Training : Seaspan Crew Management India Pvt. Ltd.
  • I have had Enma conduct a lot of training programs at Radiant , the results have been awesome , Enma has also been very instrumental in creating my HR department , from the very first step of identifying a suitable HR manager to creating the whole department and thereafter monitoring its function. Enma is great at creating an atmosphere that keeps everybody comfortable irrespective of their backgrounds..... She is great !!
    Sheldon Simons
    Managing Director, Radiant Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd
  • The workshop was a great platform where the team members got to know each other very well and there was apparent camaraderie amongst them. Despite the fact that the team consisted of members from diverse backgrounds and age profiles they felt connected and actively participated in the intra group discussions. The Velpack team saw huge value in the workshop and I am glad I made a decision to reach out to Enma and the SkillSmart Team for training my people.
    Bobbie Philips
    Managing Director, Velpack Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
  • Enma is a fabulous trainer and more so a fabulous person . She brings with her a great deal of enthusiasm and attention to detail. She would rather not do a job than do a shoddy one and has been known to burn the midnight oil in order to get the program made ‘ just perfect’. As a trainer and presenter , she brings a wealth of knowledge that she is never hesitant to share. Full of energy and bounce , she single handedly keeps the energy levels of participants high while ensuring that learning and action is never compromised . In a nutshell , it’s great working with Enma and she has been and will always remain an asset for all who work with her.  
    Persis Bilimoria Umathe
    Owner, Potential Consultancy Services